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In classic face and body care treatment, we combine modern accomplishments of cosmetology, spectacular effects of best world brand products

and medicinal power of water from the spring located
in the middle of the park. Personalized care
makes the skin regain its equilibrium.

Anti-Pollution pielęgnacja domowa

Farmona Natural Cosmetics Laboratory

Supplementary body and face care programme for all skin types. Under the supervision of renowned dermatologists and bio-technologists, excellent preparations have been designed which are characterized by high efficiency and complete safety of use. They combine modern accomplishments of cosmetology with nourishing power of natural plant ingredients. Richness of pleasant aromas and delicate textures restores equilibrium and harmony to the body, thanks to which it remains healthy and vital.

Farmona Natural Cosmetics Laboratory
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Exclusive face care, radically opposing ageing effects, based on thousands of years of tradition of Chinese medicine and discoveries of Japanese bio-technology and cosmetology. Indisputable leader in the area of state-of-the-art methods of skin stimulation with respect to renewal and regeneration.

  • Authent - exquisite accomplishment in the world of cosmetics within the scope of stimulating cell production in dermis, epidermis and subcutaneous tissue
  • Embellir - a global anti-wrinkle and firming series; its target is repair
    of damages in dermis and epidermis; its secrets are black and red Reishi
  • Tsukika - a preventive hydrating line, active in the epidermis layer; rare flower of sweet potato cactus (Cereus Mill.) is the patented ingredient
  • Colax ex series - which stimulates natural production of collagen, ensuring comprehensive hydrating and firming effects
  • Beauness - the series helps eliminate developed acne and skin roughness, at the same time ensuring its necessary hydration
  • Fairlucent - series preventing occurrence of blemishes and brightening up the existing discolouring
  • Specialist masks - Exstretch Mask richly soaked in revitalizing serum, ensures intensive skin care; creamy Herb Mask delicately removes dead skin cells
  • Scents - the only perfume created in Japan available in Poland; Ryokuei, Kasaneka and Taoyaka enchant with sophisticated composition
    and their aromatic therapy properties.

Diego Dalla Palma

Program kształtnego ciała i bio-rewitalizacji skóry. Opracowany przez włoskich naukowców dla przemodelowania ciała, zwalczania miejscowego nadmiaru tkanki tłuszczowej i pomarańczowej skórki. Ukierunkowane zabiegi, czyste opatentowane składniki przywracają dobre samopoczucie, tworząc długotrwałe piękno.

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